As gesture

In the exhibition As gesture, a collaborative two-person exhibition, Ashley Freeby and Gina Hunt reintroduce that movement and sensation through labor intensive and thoughtfully mapped works with an attention to presenting a contemplative moment. Exploring identity, illusion, and memory as an open system of connected and performed gestures in this collaboration, we regain the power to navigate and experience traditions, transmissions, and transference within perceived and lived moments naturally occurring around us.

Exhibition Materials

Curatorial Essay

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A collaborative text by the curator and both artists; Ashley M. Freeby and Gina Hunt.

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Process: what it was when it wasn’t

Process: what it was when it wasn't is an exhibition that asks what does a practice of process look like? Does it look like your google search history? The most recent sentence underlined in the book you’re currently reading? Are screenshots a part of this practice? Navigating process as an act created by the desire to understand and investigate, this exhibition attempts to expand on these questions.

Exhibition Materials

Curatorial Text



Multitude, a collaborative publication project, is the creation between four artists working in diverse mediums to The theme of the publication is humanness. The artists focused in areas of language, emotion, intimacy, and symbolism to explore the intricacies of being human.


Works by Alexis Brocchi